Norman Saunders Does Tom Blog

Sometimes when I post these galleries I have a hard time finding enough good images to make it worthwhile, but  that wasn’t the case here. Saunders did 800+ covers in a wide variety of genres, and I could find something that interested me in practically all of the ones that are online. Every American of a certain age knows his work even if they never suspected the man behind it actually had a name; I mostly know him through the Nazi-Bastard-Torturing-a-Stacked-Chick covers he did for the mens’ magazines, which was a surprisingly crowded market considering I never saw anyone buying a single copy of one of them. The sample I’ve posted here has a relatively light brutality-and-titillation quotient, though I do give style-points to that guy with the gas-can. A lot of the covers went a lot, lot further, to the point that it’s slightly unreal to think that they were openly displayed in drug stores and supermarkets back in the old days.

One Response to “Norman Saunders Does Tom Blog”

  1. chris Lanier Says:

    10 Faults That Make You Repulsive to Women:

    1. Wearing a Nazi helmet but no shirt.
    2. Immolating them with gasoline.

    Love the “Dummy Killer” one. There’s no way the story could live up to the cover.

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